Top Plumbing Problems That Require a Professional’s Help

Should you leave some plumbing jobs to a pro? The growing number of DIY videos and seemingly simple home improvement tutorials online make it seem like anyone can fix any plumbing problem. But this isn’t always true. Before you try to detect, diagnose, or fix a potential plumbing system issue, take a look at the problems that require professional attention.

Frozen Pipes

The parts of your plumbing system that are exposed to the outdoor air or are in unheated areas of your home can freeze when the temperature drops. Without heat or insulation, a pipe could freeze and burst. Not only can this damage the pipe itself but can also flood your home and ruin flooring, drywall, appliances, furniture, and anything else in its way.

According to the National Association of Realtors’ House Logic website, the average homeowners insurance claim from water damage that results from a burst pipe is $5,000. While protection can help to prevent this type of plumbing problem, sometimes pipes may still freeze.

Some frozen pipes are hard to find. If you never or almost never use the water source in the winter (such as an outdoor faucet or hose hookup), you may not notice the issue until the time is too late. But if your indoor faucets or other plumbing fixtures are suddenly dry, a wintertime freeze may be to blame.

You might want to immediately heat the offending pipe with a hair dryer or other similar source. While this could work in theory, a DIY approach could cause more harm than good. As water freezes, it expands. This can cause cracks.

The frozen water could create a plug inside of the pipe. An icy plug acts as a temporary bandage and stops water from leaking out of cracks that resulted from the expansion process. But when you suddenly thaw the pipe, you could flood your home — especially if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Beyond an unintentional warming-related flood, a DIY pipe thawing job could damage the already-weak section of your plumbing system or lead to other problems. Instead of heating the pipe, leave this job to a professional. A licensed plumber can identify which parts of your plumbing system are frozen, look for cracks in the pipe, and thaw the pipe correctly.

Burst Pipes

What should you do if the frozen pipe has already burst? Flood cleanup is a priority. Along with mopping up the mess, call a plumber. Never attempt to reseal or repair a pipe yourself. Duct tape, glue, or another adhesive product won’t repair the damage. Instead, you will need a plumbing professional to replace the damaged segment with the correct type of pipe.

Low Water Pressure

Does water barely trickle out of the shower or does the toilet’s flush not do much? Some whole-home water pressure issues are the result of nearby construction. Municipal work on a main water pipe or other similar jobs can affect the entire neighborhood’s pressure. But if your home has low water pressure and you don’t know why, call a plumber.

Simply turning the handle on a faucet won’t repair a water pressure issue. This potentially serious plumbing problem may happen with severe clogs or leaks. You will need a professional to inspect the system and diagnose the problem. After the plumber finds the source of the low water pressure, they can recommend a repair. Unless you have the knowledge, experience, and equipment of a licensed plumber, leave this job to a pro.

Along with low water pressure and cold-related problems, you will also need a plumber to repair sewage backups, sewer line replacement, leak detection, and other complex issues. Do you need help with a plumbing problem? Contact Spartan Plumbing Inc for more information.

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