3 Plumbing Complications a Camera Inspection Can Detect

Inspection cameras are an innovative tool that allow plumbers to see inside the pipes of a residential plumbing system. The camera is attached to a long flexible pushrod that can be inserted into the pipes to visually inspect the integrity without having to dig, jackhammer, or cut into the drywall. A live image is projected to a monitor or screen where the plumber can assess, record, and save the findings.

Most plumbers use a camera to inspect a residential plumbing system when a homeowner feels a problem exists. Often an inspection reveals certain conditions a plumber can remedy before the problem grows into a plumbing emergency. If you think you can benefit from a camera inspection, look at these three plumbing complications a camera inspection can detect.

  1. Backed-Up Sewer Line

Your plumbing may seem solely contained to your home, but the truth is your pipes have an important conjunction with the sewer line at the street. A sewer pipe connects your plumbing system to the municipal sewer systems’ main line set beneath the street or area around your home. The wastewater from your home drains through this pipe.

Wear and tear over time or an outside source, such as a tree root can cause potential issues that lead to blockages inside the pipe. A blockage inside the pipe can prevent wastewater from properly leaving your home. You’ll know your sewer line is backed up or blocked when:

  • More than one fixture experiences water that won’t drain
  • Toilets gurgle or will not flush
  • Toilets or tubs fill with wastewater when you turn on the sink

A camera inspection will show the source of the problem within the sewer line — and where the repair is needed.

  1. Failing Old Pipes

Pipes degrade, corrode, and fail as the years pass. Galvanized steel, cast iron, and even concrete are all materials that experience wear over time that chips, cracks, and leaks. Additionally, plastic PVC pipes cannot tolerate hot temperatures and can also become brittle and crack in cold temperatures.

When old pipes begin to fail, they develop problems like rough surfaces and tiny cracks you may not notice. However, both problems will eventually lead to a big plumbing emergency, especially when a pipe suddenly loses integrity and breaks completely.

A camera inspection gives your plumber a glimpse into a given pipe and lets them identify the issues before they become larger problems.

  1. Drain Cleaning Efficiency

When attempting to clear a plugged sewer line, without a camera, it is only a guess how efficiently the line has been cleaned. Snaking a backed-up sewer line can be very tricky when you cannot see what you’re up against. Once water flow is restored, it is assumed the clog has been freed. However, a camera inspection may show the clog is still partially present. With this knowledge, a plumber can determine the most effective way to fully clean the line, prolonging the usage.

Camera inspections can simplify many plumbing problems before they grow larger. Call Spartan Plumbing Inc and schedule a convenient camera inspection today.

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