4 Plumbing Tasks to Tackle During a Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen serves as the heart of many homes. An outdated kitchen can detract from the value of your property and create inconveniences when you prepare meals. A kitchen remodel is the perfect way to improve the appearance and function of a dated kitchen.

Homeowners often focus on picking out new cabinets, countertops, and flooring during a kitchen remodel. However, one of the most important elements in a successful kitchen remodel is plumbing.

You must have an experienced plumbing professional complete some vital tasks during your kitchen remodel if you want your new kitchen to function properly over time.


1. Full Plumbing Inspection

A large portion of your home’s plumbing system is behind walls and underneath floorboards. Leaks, damaged pipes, and other plumbing issues hidden from view can wreak havoc on the structural integrity of your home.

Since many kitchen remodels require demolishing existing walls and flooring, these projects create the perfect opportunity to have an experienced plumbing professional thoroughly inspect your kitchen plumbing.

The plumber can check every plumbing component for damage during the remodel and make any repairs necessary without any additional demolition costs.

If you have a plumber inspect your hidden pipes before you complete your kitchen remodel, you can rest assured knowing that your new kitchen will not be ruined by a plumbing failure.


2. Plumbing Reroutes

New appliances are a major component in many kitchen remodels. Homeowners use kitchen remodels to introduce appliances that make meal preparation more convenient.

Some of the appliances that you may add to your kitchen include a dishwasher, garbage disposal, and fridge with a water dispenser. These appliances will only function properly if they have fresh water.

An experienced plumber can install new pipe pathways that will allow you to change the layout of your kitchen. Your plumber can seamlessly integrate the supply lines for updated appliances into your existing plumbing system. This will give you the opportunity to secure the kitchen of your dreams without worrying about where the water that fuels your new appliances will come from.


3. Install New Fixtures

You will find many plumbing fixtures in a modern kitchen. Popular fixtures include faucets, sprayers, drains, and shutoff valves. The fixtures that you incorporate into your kitchen remodel will have a direct impact on both the appearance and function of your new kitchen.

An experienced plumber can be a valuable asset when you select new fixtures for your kitchen. Plumbers are familiar with the manufacturers who produce quality fixtures. Your plumber can help guide you toward fixtures that are durable and will retain their natural beauty, even when used extensively over time.

Once you have selected the fixtures that will work best in your new kitchen, your plumber can install these fixtures properly to ensure they function efficiently once your remodel project is complete.


4. Upgrade Pipe Materials

If your kitchen is outdated, the plumbing pipes in your kitchen are likely outdated as well. Older homes typically have cast iron pipes. Iron pipes rust and deteriorate, compromising the quality of a home’s water supply.

You should include a full plumbing upgrade in your kitchen remodel. Modern PVC pipes can replace your old pipes.

Modernizing your plumbing makes it easier to reroute plumbing or complete repairs in the future. A kitchen remodel creates the perfect opportunity to minimize the costs of updating an old plumbing system.

Good plumbing creates the foundation for a functional home. Contact Spartan Plumbing Inc to help you prepare your home’s plumbing for a full kitchen remodel. We look forward to answering any questions you may have and fulfilling your plumbing needs, whatever they are.

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