Factors That Determine the Costs of Bathroom Additions

An additional bathroom increases your house’s resale value and personal comfort. What is more, a bathroom addition is not as expensive as most people think. The exact installation cost will depend on different factors, such as the following.

Bathroom Location

Your new bathroom’s location determines how much work you need for the installation. Below are some location-dependent factors that matter.

Proximity to Utilities

The location determines how much hardware you need to connect your bathroom to utilities. For example, every bathroom requires water, plumbing, and electrical connections. The nearer these utilities are to the bathroom, the less money you will spend to connect them.

For that reason, a new bathroom upstairs might cost more than a new bathroom downstairs if you don’t have drainage and water lines upstairs. Similarly, you must include electrical connection fees if you need a new bathroom in a location without an electrical supply.

Availability and Condition of Existing Space

Your budget also depends on whether you have space for the new bathroom or must create one. Creating new space requires more money than using existing space. The location also determines the condition of the space you want for your new bathroom. For example, the location’s condition determines whether you need new flooring.

Bathroom and Component Sizes

The bathroom size, which depends on multiple factors, also matters. A big bathroom will likely hold multiple components and require more materials (such as tiling). Bathroom components, such as sinks, shower enclosures, and bathtubs come in different sizes at different prices.

Bathroom Type

Bathroom types determine the bathroom components and size, which affect cost. Here are examples of bathroom types and their components:

  • A full bathroom with a toilet, shower, sink, and bathtub
  • A half bathroom with a toilet and a sink
  • A quarter bathroom with a toilet or shower stall

Even the inclusion of a single component affects the overall price. For example, a shower/bathtub can cost thousands of dollars, so its inclusion will significantly affect your bathroom addition cost. The more components you want to include, the more area your bathroom will cover.


You need permits for your bathroom addition. The government uses building permits to ensure everyone adheres to the relevant building codes. The local building department will give you the relevant permits at a fee. Permits typically vary by jurisdiction and type, but you should expect to pay a few hundred dollars.

Material Type and Quality

Different materials are available for bathroom installations. Flooring, tiles, and even pipes are all available in different materials at different prices. A material’s durability, aesthetics, and performance determine its price. For example, durable and attractive natural stone tiles are more expensive than ceramic tiles.

The contractor will give you material choices for each part of the bathroom. Ask the contractor about the pros and cons of each material. That way, you can make an informed decision on which material to use within your budget.

Bells and Whistles

Bathroom customization is an art that only your imagination will limit. For example, you can install:

  • Speakers in the bathroom to stream music as you soak in the bathtub
  • A customizable showerhead that delivers the exact water volume and pressure you need
  • Mood lighting for your shower or bathtub area
  • Murals on the bathroom walls
  • Underfloor heating systems

The number and nature of these luxury features affect your bathroom installation cost.

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