Why a Professional Contractor Should Replace Your Damaged Sewer Line

Some plumbing problems always require professionals’ involvement. For example, you should always leave sewer line replacements to professional contractors. Below are the top reasons the contractors are the best for the job.

They Know the Best Techniques to Use

Plumbing contractors use different methods to replace damaged sewer lines. The traditional method involves excavating the damaged pipe and replacing it with a new one. However, contemporary methods that don’t involve excavation exist.

Below are some of these trenchless methods:

  • Cured-in-place pipe, in which the contractor inserts a resin pipe into the damaged one and cures it using heat, pressure or ultra violet light.
  • Directional drilling, in which the contractor drills a tunnel for a new pipe under the damaged one
  • Pipe bursting, in which the contractor bursts the damaged pipe and places a new one in its place

All these techniques have their pros and cons. For example, some methods reduce the sewer pipe’s effective diameter. Professional contractors use their skills and experience to determine which replacement technique is best for each situation.

They Avoid Utility Damage

Accidental damage to nearby structures is a real threat during sewer line replacement. For example, amateurs can easily damage utility lines during a DIY repair. Professional plumbers know how to avoid such risks. For example, the professionals:

  • Inspect work areas for signs of utility infrastructure
  • Call utility companies for assistance
  • Use different technologies, such as ground-penetrating radar, to locate underground utility lines or hydro excavation
  • Mark utility lines or installations before commencing work

The average homeowner does not have the skills and equipment to prevent utility damage. DIY sewer line repair can result in costly and dangerous damage to utility lines. For example, damage to gas lines can result in fire outbreaks, explosions as well as fines and repair costs.

They Guarantee Their Work

Plumbing contractors do their best to perform excellent work. However, the professionals also know that unforeseen circumstances can lead to failures soon after repair. That is why professional plumbers offer work guarantees.

For example, a plumbing contractor may guarantee that your sewer line won’t leak within a year of its replacement. You don’t incur additional charges if the line leaks soon after replacement. You do not have the same work guarantee if you use nonprofessionals for the replacement.

Permitting is another very important aspect of hiring a professional.  All sewer replacements and repairs require permits and inspections.  If these steps are not taken there will be no record to the county of the work that was performed and it will not add any value to the price of your home.  You can also incur large fines if caught doing this type of work by the county without proper permits.

They Avoid Infections, Injuries, and Environmental Contamination

Major plumbing projects carry risks, and sewer line replacement is a major project. For example:

  • Sewer effluent contains dangerous microorganisms that can contaminate the environment and cause infections.
  • The workers risk accidents and injuries such as electrocution, falls, and burns.

Professional plumbing contractors know how to avoid these risks. For example, the professionals:

  • Have personal protective equipment, such as face shields, hard hats, gloves, and respirators
  • Have the equipment for enhanced work safety, such as pulling units for trenchless pipe repair
  • Know how to identify and avoid threats, such as unstable ground

In short, the risks of injuries reduce when professionals do the work.

They Deflect Third-party Liability From You

Lastly, using a professional ensures that third parties don’t blame you for the harm they might suffer from the sewer replacement project. Professionals understand that accidents do occur even with the best precautions. For example:

  • Sewer effluent might flow into a neighbor’s yard
  • A gas explosion might burn a neighbor’s fence
  • A visitor might slip and fall into a hole

Professional plumbers have liability insurance that shields them from such claims. You don’t have to compensate third parties or face legal actions for liabilities the repair might trigger.

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