Why You Should Be Wary of Drain Blockages

Blocked drains frustrate many people since the blockages mean they cannot use their plumbing fixtures or appliances. However, the effects of drain blockages go beyond such inconveniences. Below are some of the reasons to prevent and unclog drain blockages.

Water Damage

With blocked drains, the pipes can leak water due to high pressure. In most cases, the leaks start to relieve some of the pressure. The blockages can even cause wastes to back up into the house.

Whatever the course of the spillage, the effluent can do the following things:

  • Affect your electrical wiring and increase your risk of electrical fire or shock
  • Corrode metals it touches
  • Rot wood that absorbs it
  • Discolor your house paint
  • Compromise your house’s foundation

The risk and intensity of damage occur with time. Thus, expect severe damage if leaks or spillage occurs while you are away or in hidden parts of the house.

If this occurs, you will have to schedule an emergency repair, which can be a hassle if you do not have ready funds. You can avoid these complications if you unclog your drains as soon as they block.

Pest Infestation

Many pests thrive in moist areas. Many of them also feed on organic matter, including those in drain effluent. Drain blockages increase your risk of pest infestation since the effluent will stay in the pipes instead of flowing to the designated treatment areas. The leaks or spillages will also attract some pests.

The pests can increase your risk of ill health since many pests spread diseases. They can also attack and damage your house’s contents and attack the organic materials that form part of your house. Again, the risk of pest infestation is high with prolonged blockages.

Mold Infestation

Just like pests, mold also thrives in moist places. Thus, the risk of mold growth increases if waste effluent backs up into the house or spills due to a burst or leaking pipe. Mold can damage your house’s contents and affect your household’s health. For example, some people are allergic to mold spores.

Exposure to Germs

Drain blockages risk your health in multiple ways. Apart from pest infestation, the effluent itself also has microorganisms that can harm your household upon exposure. For example, children often pick up and put things in their mouths. A child can fall ill if they pick up something with drain effluent on them. Even adults are not immune to the risks. For example, the drain germs can get into your system via open wounds.

Bad Odor

Bad odor is one of the worst effects of drain blockages. With the drains blocked, the effluent will decompose within the pipes instead of flowing into treatment areas. A bad odor is also possible when the drain effluent backs up into the house. The effects of bad odor are numerous; for example, you might struggle to entertain guests in the house with such poor indoor air quality.

Hopefully, your drain system will not develop blockages. Maintain your plumbing system by not flushing unnecessary things down the toilet or putting things down drains that can cause drain blockages.

Contact Spartan Plumbing Inc. if your drains slow down or block. We will unclog the drains to prevent costly damages. We can also help you understand what you can do to avoid this issue in the future. Please let us know what questions or concerns you have so we provide the answers you need. We look forward to helping you with any drain blockages and all plumbing issues. A drain blockage can be frustrating, but with the right help, you can have smooth-flowing water again.

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