Why You Should Consider a Walk-In Tub for Your Elderly Parents

As your parents advance in age, they often have more need to make their home as comfortable and relaxing as possible. Getting in or out of a conventional tub or shower can be uncomfortable and unsafe for them, which is why you should consider a walk-in tub. Discover six convincing reasons to install a walk-in tub.

1. Improve Safety

Did you know that about 3 million older people receive treatment in emergency departments for fall-related injuries each year? A huge percentage of these falls occur in the bathroom.

With a walk-in tub, you can prevent slips and falls in the bathroom. Some models have a large entry threshold, making it easy to enter and exit safely. A person can also bathe while seated to minimize the risk of falls further. Walk-in tubs also have additional safety features such as slip-resistant flooring, sturdy handrails, easy-to-reach controls, and an extra-wide entry door.

2. Enhance the Bathing Experience

Bathing in a walk-in tub may be a luxurious experience for your parents. Because these tubs are deeper-than-ordinary tubs, cleaning the upper body is easy. Their water storage capacity is high, allowing for a full-body immersion bath. To create a remarkable bathing experience, you may add extra luxury elements like LED lights, heated chairs, and sound systems.

3. Indulge in Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy, which is the use of water to cure pain, has been a popular medical concept for years. That is why you see famous athletes soaking in tubs after a game.

With walk-in tubs, your parents can enjoy advanced hydrotherapy at home by incorporating whirlpool jets and therapeutic air. The warm water streams ease away pains and aches of chronic diseases by stimulating the release of endorphins (the body’s natural painkillers). Other benefits of hydrotherapy include relaxing muscles, healing burns, increasing blood flow, and enhancing overall wellness.

4. Reduce Stress and Anxiety

A warm bath aids in relaxation and stress relief. You can also boost the relaxing merits of a warm bath through chromotherapy. Here, you integrate colored lights into a walk-in tub to reduce tension and enhance relaxation. Some walk-in tub models come with optional chromotherapy lights to take relaxation benefits to the next level. With such features, your parents will always look forward to when they can enter the tub.

5. Combat Limited Mobility

If your parents have limited mobility, installing a walk-in tub is a no-brainer. With an extra-wide entry door, a person can easily walk into the tub with no hindrances. Also, one does not have to climb over a high edge while getting in, like in the case with traditional bathtubs.

These tubs have easy-to-grip handrails to provide a firm grip as one sits or stands. These features ensure bathing is as simple as possible, and anyone, irrespective of their age or mobility issues, can get into the tub and enjoy their bath.

6. Don’t Sacrifice Showers

If your parents would like to use a shower once in a while, walk-in tubs are available in a tub/shower combo. And if a traditional tub is already in place, you can replace it with a walk-in tub and let the shower portion stay intact. A tub/shower combo is especially ideal in a household with people of different ages, as it caters to the needs of everyone.

Bathing should be a fun, relaxing, and safe experience, regardless of age or physical challenges. A walk-in tub ensures your elderly parents can look forward to bathing moments with joy and enthusiasm. Contact our experienced experts at Spartan Plumbing Inc for high-quality walk-in bath installation or replacement. We look forward to helping you have the best bathroom possible with our remodeling services.

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